Nov 28, 2015

New Place

It's gonna be new.

Starting 1st December, I'll be enlisted into the camp of education. My role in the giant organization is to support the process of accreditation on a proposed degree program. It's challenging, leaving me headache and cracking my brain trying to figure out what I am supposed to do. Well, as the saying goes, doing (acting) feels better than thinking. (And that's why when you're angry, don't do anything is better since doing anything probably makes you feel better but the result isn't pretty under anger).

The flight coming here was a ~.^ As the plane descended and about to touch KLIA, the pilot decided that it's a bad idea after all since he has no confidence that he could perform a safe landing amidst the huge downpour. He pumped the accelerator and we detoured to Penang at the eleventh hour. Yeah, talking about timing eh! Well, the government officer beside me commented that it was probably for the better than taking risk. Waited inside the air conditioned plane, everyone queued very restlessly for the one and only washroom (since we're in the economy class...). Reimbursement? I don't think they know what that is. All we have are apologies and a cup of... mineral water. Approximately one hour on the (supposedly) Penang airport, we returned to our original destination.

Let's hope it's a good start! I'm still getting @.@ over the roads here!

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